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Text Messaging

Text Messaging

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Current prohibitions:
• School bus operators may not use cell phones while driving.

• In Phoenix, drivers are prohibited from text messaging.

• The ordinance prohibits the use of personal digital assistants to send or receive a written message while operating a motor vehicle.

• Personal digital assistants refer to a wireless electronic communication device that provides for data communication other than by voice.

• This ordinance does not apply to law enforcement and safety personnel, drivers of authorized emergency vehicles, holders of commercial driver licenses while driving within the scope of their employment; public transit personnel; a person who is reporting reckless or negligent behavior; a person who believes they are in physical danger and is the only adult in the motor vehicle; communicating to the following regarding an emergency situation:
• An emergency response operator
• A hospital, physician’s office or health care provider
• A provider of ambulance services
• A provider of firefighter services
• A law enforcement agency

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