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Semi-Truck Accident

There are more than 3,500 fatalities and 60,000 injuries in the U.S. each year resulting from passenger vehicle collisions with heavy-duty trucks. Truck accidents are one of the leading causes of death for Arizona residents, and serious injuries and wrongful death are all too common.

The number of large trucks traveling on highways is increasing every year. And despite rules enacted by the Department of Transportation, truck drivers often drive too many hours without the proper amount of sleep.

Eric S. Shapiro, Attorney at Law, PLC, handles semi-truck and 18-wheeler accidents throughout the State of Arizona, primarily the Phoenix metro area, and across the United States. These cases differ from automobile accident cases, because of various factors, including:

• Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: Federal regulations and safe operating requirements for commercial truck drivers, common carriers, vehicles and truck equipment.
• Hazardous Materials Regulations: Federal regulations and safe operating requirements for the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials, proper packaging, employee training, hazard communication, and operational requirements for truck drivers and truck companies.
• Hours of Service: Federal regulations regarding truck driver alertness and fatigue-related accident.
• State and Federal Rules: Arizona truck safety regulations, truck licensing requirements, and truck insurance requirements.
• Corporate Liability: Negligent hiring, supervision, and truck maintenance claims against truck companies.

We understand the legal and practical problems associated with a semi-truck accident, tractor-trailer collision or 18-wheeler crash. If you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident, call Eric S. Shapiro, Attorney at Law, PLC, at (602) 274-7400 for a free initial consultation.

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